Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sean's big puffy eye!

Sean woke up this morning with his left eye completely swollen shut. It appears a mosquito was feasting on him in the night as he has 7 bites on his cheek and one on the eyelid. Poor little guy! He looks like a drunken sailor. Called the doc and she recommended benedryl but we are holding off on that and just trying to keep him distracted so he won't rub his eye and make it worse. Its cracked open a little bit now so I think its on the mend.

Maggie, Sean and Glen are all outside in the backyard right now on this lovely Saturday morning. I am online (of course) and just booked the Candy Cane Inn for a quick visit to Disneyland in October. Driving out the 17th for just the weekend. I thought we would wait until Sean was out of diapers, but I was out voted. So off we go! Should be fun!

In other news, I went to wash a load of diapers this morning and the washing machine is broken! Wah! So Glen is going to go out this afternoon (after Maggie and I get back from her ice skating class) to go and scout out a new washing machine. We are still working with only one car. He is hoping he can fit a new washer into the back of the Taurus. I don't think it can be done and since the VW isn't working, well, we might just have to pay to get it delivered.

We are loving life without homework for Maggie. Yay Montessori!

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Our Little World said...

Poor little guy! Ouch! I hate that! Yay for Maggie and no homework! Tatum and Trent start a home Montessori program next week! Whoo Hoo!!!! We are still doing the 1 car thing, so I fell ya!