Friday, August 29, 2008


Phew! Last nights storm was a doozy! 100 mile an hour winds left trees blown down onto roads, houses, and cars all over town. Our house remained relatively unscathed. Several 2 foot long ceramic roof tiles blew off and shattered and several more are askew across the roof, but all of our trees remained upright and intact! Yay. Our cable and phone are dead, but the internet and the power (the important things) still work. Lots of trees in the street in our neighborhood and all across the valley. Driving to school we came across many intersections without power. In fact, when we drove in to Sean's daycare, they turned us away. They had no power and so couldn't care for any kids by law. This was a minor glitch for us as babies and teaching don't usually mix. But Friday is our half day and we had several unusal activities happening at school which meant I was only really teaching one class so I could probably bring Sean to work ok. However, when we got there, the power was out as well, and school was cancelled! Woo hoo! So Sean, Glen and I went home! (Maggie had school all day -- shhhh! Don't tell her we were off!)

I used my time wisely. I cleaned the bathroom (finally), graded some tests, and completed some assignments for my online class. Sean and Glen kept busy outside and in the laundry room. Sean definately prefers daddy these days. When I finally brought him in for lunch around 11:30 am, he fell asleep after only 2 bites! Right in the highchair. So I put him straight to bed where he slept for almost 4 hours!!! Yes! Glen and I got lots done today. :) And amazingly, Sean went to bed ontime as well.

Looking forward to the next 3 days off. Hooray for long weekends.

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Our Little World said...

Wow, I didn't hear about this storm. Crazy! Glad you all are ok and got a day of much needed time and don't worry, your secret is safe w/us! ;-)