Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Sean is up to.

Still not crawling, but trying oh so hard. He pushes himself up and scootches backwards. He can also get up onto one knee, but will wobble precariously, and falls down onto his tummy again. He has been big into learning to communicate with gestures. He now waves hello and goodbye, will raise his arms up if we wants to be picked up, and loves to clap. He squeals with delight and has cutest, husky little laugh.

Sean is starting to enjoy his food. He loves to feed himself pears, bananas, peas, zucchini, peaches, rice puffs (in lieu of cheerios--wheat allergy), rice pasta shells, cooked carrots, yogurt (plain whole milk with peach jam mixed in), and applesauce. He will eat avocado and broccoli, but they aren't his favorites. He will also sip water from a cup, but I have to be careful as he gets so excited, the water usually ends up all over him. He really doesn't each much. Maybe a teaspoon per sitting. But he is so focused on picking the food up and getting it into his mouth.

Not sure how much he weighs...he was 20 pounds at 8 months old. He is now 10 months! I can't believe it! He is still fitting into some of his 18-24 months old clothes, but new clothes I am buying size 24 months. It has gotten HOT here so I've been looking for shorts and shirts for him. I actually prefer the little one piece outfits, but they are hard to find in his size. And I am picky. No sports themes, no camoflauge, and no dark boring colors like navy or grey. I want my baby in cute, colorful, baby clothes. I will stop here as I think I have ranted about this before...

Here is movie of Sean and Glen. Sean looooooves to be tossed. He started crying when Glen stopped. :)

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