Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Sean is sooooo soooo mobile! Gone are the days of plopping him in the grass and him staying there. Today I plopped him down and he immediately headed for the regions I personally would not like a baby to play in. But I let him go, because I understand the need for freedom to explore his little world. Here he is heading away from the grass. Note Maggie is in the background happily watering the flowers with her wheelbarrow. She would use the watering can to water the wheelbarrow, then the wheelbarrow to water the flowers.

Here is Sean making it as far as the wagon. Trying to figure out how to pull himself up into it. He got as far as his knees. (He later pulled himself up into standing while in the crib tonight -- a first!)

Ahhhh...made it to where mom doesn't want me! In the dirt and gravel getting all dirty and trying to eat rocks. But mom! This is where dad keeps his frisbees and I want to chew on them!

I tried to block the sun from Maggie's eyes in this picture, but she squinted none-the-less. Artichokes and lettuce are producing well right now. Squash and peas are looking healthy, but our tomatoes are not doing so hot. I think they have shrunk... Well, we had artichokes for dinner anyway...

End of school countdown... 1.5 weeks until the AP exam and 3 weeks until graduation. Yay!

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