Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sean is mobile! (Almost)

Sean is crawling! Sort of. It takes him about 5 minutes to move across the 8 foot rug, but he can do it! He is working sooooo hard to push his 22 pound body up and move. Its easier going on the wood floor where he can slide around in an almost sitting position. Sitting on one foot and dragging himself with his hands. On the rug, he has to hold himself up on hands and knees and then move each appendage at the appropriate time. He gets tired and either lies down or sits. I haven't been able to get a good video clip of it yet. They are just too long to post. So you will have to be satisfied with Sean and the coke bottle. :)

Busy day today. Glen played in the first 2 rounds of a frisbee golf tournament in the west valley. Final round is tomorrow, but he isn't doing as well as he'd like. He is having fun though. This is the last "real" tournament in Phoenix until September. Sean and I took Maggie to her dance class at ASU. We walked the campus while Maggie was in her class. They danced in the dark with glow sticks today. The teacher filmed them as well, while the ligths were on, so we should be getting a copy of that next week. This is a creative dance class where leotards are sooooo last month. Everyone wears shorts, t-shirts, and goes barefoot. Maggie is loving this class more than her ballet class. Its more active. Last week, they all ran around wearing capes and danced like superheros. The week before, they danced while hitting balloons in the air. Lots of fun. I know Maggie will be disappointed when the class is over...which is next week. We are going class free here during May. Its just always super busy for us that month. We will start swim lessons up in June.

Well, after dance class, Maggie's school had their spring carnival. So the three of us went. They had inflatable bouncies, face painting, dunk the teacher, and various games like cakes walks and ring tosses. Only saw one of Maggie's classmates there, which I was suprized about. Didn't see her teacher either, but did see the crossing guard, whom Maggie loves. Got home around 2:30 pm and Sean was beyond bushed. I got him down for a nap while Maggie watched Cinderella. Phew. I was able to actually read for 30 whole minutes while the kids were occupied. Amazing! :)

Maggie had her first standardized tests the other day. Her scores came home this week. She "exceeded the standards" for all the math and logic type tasks, but she "falls far below the standards" for reading. Apparently, she has trouble "blending" which means that if you sound out the letters in a word, such as "dog", she doesn't hear that that is the word dog.

Here are some photos of them after dinner.

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