Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

So all the kids' schools were closed today, and Glen and I had to work. Well, I decided to take the day off and I took the kids to the Tempe Veteran's Day parade. The big parade is in Phoenix. The one is Tempe is mostly girl scouts, shriners, and highschool marching bands. There were more people in the parade than watching it, but we had a great time.

Despite Sean's expression here, he was very happy at the parade. Especially when the police motorcycles drove by and the brownies handed him TONS of candy.

Look how grown up Maggie looks here! In the car on the way home, Maggie said "This is how you spell Jeep; J...e...e...p. Do you know how I know? Its right here." WHen I glanced at her, I expected her to be pointing to a sign outside, but she was pointing to her headband. At the stoplight, she showed me a fuzzy blue headband than Grandma Carolyn used to wear. I hadn't realized she was wearing it. I guess she had been exploring my box of past hair paraphenalia. So her next question was why the word Jeep was on her headband, so I told her how that was Grandma's camp name, and how Grandpa use to drive a jeep. She was very interested in it.

Sean had fun with playdoh today. And Maggie had fun watching the new "Electric Company" on PBS.

We had a fun day. We just missed Glen as he actually went to work today.

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