Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quotes from the day.

"Sisters are for loving, not for hitting." -Me, Glen
"Uh oh, now you have milk in your sausage" -Me (after Sean dumps his milk onto his plate)
"I want to wipe it" -Sean (Discussing the milk on his sausage)
"Don't throw your trains at Maggie. Throw them into the toy bin!" -Me
"Yes Maggie, you have to wash your hair." -Me
"We'll clean your room tomorrow." -Me
"Daddy killed a rat in the garden." -Maggie (A rat??? Yipes!)
"Mommy, theres poopy on my fingers" -Sean
"I have monster book" - Sean (Wanting to read his favorite, "Where the Wild things are")
"I'll never lose this!...Oops" -Maggie, reliving her favorite line from the movie "Up"
"I think we had better go to Chuckbox for dinner" -Glen

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