Sunday, October 11, 2009

We did it again.

We made it through another week. Grades are due Tuesday, 8a.m. and I am happy to say I just posted the last of mine online so I am done. Glen has a tad more grading to do but he will be there soon. Lucky us, we have Monday off. We drove up to Payson again today for a little rest and relaxation in the "tall trees" as Glen puts it. We took our chicken teriyaki rice bowls to the local playground up there and played. Everyone had fun. Sean is really into swinging now. I pushed him for about 40 minutes before I had had enough and tried to get him interested in something else. He also sat quite happily on the swings for the entirety of Maggie's soccor game yesterday while I pushed him. Glen is getting into Maggie's soccer games. He stood the whole time on the sidelines cheering her on. Maggie and Glen went for a jog yesterday to the lake and back and they have been playing a lot of soccer in the backyard lately. Maggie wants to run faster and Glen is happy to "coach" her. Its nice they have something to bond together with.

So since we were out and about today, Monday I will be doing the laundry and the grocery shopping and Glen will be mowing the yard and washing the dishes. Divide and conquer! Maggie will spend some time on her new list of spelling words (antenna, slope, planet, machine, muscle, and 5 others), and Sean and Max will just be hanging out. The two of them have been getting along great. Max has been rolling from back to tummy lately and Sean gets a big kick out of it. Sean will sit next to him and hand him baby toys that are out of reach and sweetly talk to him. They are becoming good buddies.

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