Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa were here!

We had a busy weekend full of star parties, soccer games, train parks, science museums, swimming, and lots of take out. In fact, not long after grandma and grandpa said goodbye tonight, Sean threw up all the fried rice he ate at dinner time. Glen spent the next 40 minutes cleaning the bed, Sean, and himself. Everyone was happy to see grandma and grandpa and sad to see them go.

Here is a picture of Maxwell sporting his new jammies courtesy grandma.

Robbie the Robot at the museum with grandma and grandpa.

A little robot car action. The set sort of vibrated and clunked in time to an animated video clip from the "Robots" movie.

Maggie's first soccer game. She is the one in the baby blue shorts kicking the ball.

Watching the game.

Our attempt to make a set of dominoes fall.

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