Thursday, July 23, 2009

More dinosaurs

Well, we may not have gone on a vacation this summer, but we have seen plenty of sights. We've been touring McDonalds. Every week we go to a different McDonalds, comparing their play places. This week brought us to one where the dinosaurs watch you eat.

It received 2 thumbs up from the kids, but it was a half hour drive away, so we probably won't be back until next summer when its really hot and the kids are bored and driving us crazy. (Ha!) Ok, they occasionally get along. Like this evening, after dinner, while Glen was watering the front yard, Maggie rediscovered her roller skates and Sean was happy to walk around following her.

And here is Max, wide awake! He is still a very sleepy baby most of the time. And has been doing some very sweet cooing lately. Hard to believe he will be 3 months old next Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Um, that's the most awesome McDonalds EVER!!



Ad said...

Yes, not all McDonalds are created equal. :)