Monday, April 13, 2009

Maggie and the Dentist -- epic saga part three

Maggie had her teeth cleaned today and it has been confirmed that she has the worst teeth possible, cavity wise. The dentist said she seems to be prone to cavities and will probably need a lifetime of dental work. (Just like Glen) Wah! We are going back for 2 fillings next week and 2 more the week after. She also may need a crown, but the dentist is trying the filling first to see if that will hold. Even her 6-year-old molars have cavities and they aren't even fully erupted yet!!! The dentist is being conservative and putting watches on all but the 4 most serious. (That means he is not doing anything about them for now unless Maggie develops pain or the cavities are worse at her next check-up.)

Poor Maggie. And poor us too. Our dental insurance is soooooo lame. Its not even really insurance. Its basically a 20% off deal. This spring break has really drained our finances. A new carseat for baby, small cloth diapers (since I had already sold Sean's), trip to the ER and several doctor visits for Maggie, and now major dental work. Yippee.... At least I also got our taxes done and our federal refund should just about cover the entire bill. Phew.

Now I am going to wash all those sweet little diapers and the new baby clothes we have accumulated in order to mellow out. As much as laundry can be a pain, I have always found something soothing about folding baby stuff. :)

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