Friday, April 17, 2009

A few pictures...

A few pictures of the kids...

Here are all the Hestenes guys discovering that Sean likes watching monster trucks on tv.

Easter baskets! Notice how Maggie decorated hers ahead of time with pipe cleaners.

Sean found a top and little magnetic trains in his basket.

Oh! THere is another egg! Maggie was hard to capture on film during "the hunt".

Sean was able to find some eggs too.

Here I am 9 months pregnant. Hiked up "whiney mountain" (Papago Park) to watch the helicopters fly over up close. Sean is enamored with them currently.

Sean wasn't interested in dying eggs, but he enjoyed putting easter egg stickers on his egg carton. (Look at all those teeth!)

Dying easter eggs.

Maggie at her first science fair. She is holding her thermometer she made and her poster is the yellow one behind her.

Ice cream!!

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Our Little World said...

Oh. my. gosh! Sean is HUGE! Wow! He is so cute. Maggie is still beautiful and looks like still full of life! Your baby bump is awesome! I can't wait for you. Oh, where are you birthing?