Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lost a tooth!

When Maggie heard the dentist mention he might pull out her tooth if it didn't fall out soon, she got straight to work on wiggling it. She was complaining that it hurt today and wanted some of Sean's teething tablets. It came out when she bit into an extremely soft peach. At first she cried a little. I thought she had bit her lip. But then she reached into her mouth and pulled out her tooth! Here she is showing it to Sean.

Maggie and Grandma Nancy had just made a little tooth fairy pouch to put her teeth in about 2 days ago. Here it is tied to the door knob of her bedroom awaiting the tooth fairy tonight! (I never noticed how dirty her door was until I looked at this picture!)

We are not hiding it under the pillow because I know I would wake her up if I tried to retreive it. Plus, being on the doorknob, perhaps I will actually remember to take the tooth and leave her a suprise. I'm not sure the going rate for teeth these days. I asked Maggie what she thought the tooth fairy would leave her and she said a dollar so I think that is what I will leave. ;)

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Our Little World said...

Wow, she lost a tooth already? Is that what's coming for us soon? Sorry about all the teeth issues. We need to get Tator Tot to a dentist. Maggie is so cute!