Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! We had a fun day. I tried to get a cute photo of my kids in their holiday garb, but they weren't into it.

We had fun making a 4th of July feast. Below is our jello flag. Very tasty.

And we also tried our hand at an appetizer we had at a dinner party last week...little smokeys wrapped in bits of crescent rolls. Oh so bad for you but oh so good. We ate them as a main dish though. ;) Here is Maggie making sure that each one has a flag toothpick.

Next Maggie decorated the stroller and her bike. And we went for a "parade" around the neighborhood.

Next Glen brought out the smoke bombs. Fireworks are illegal in Arizona. We couldn't even find sparklers. This is the best we could do. Oh...and we were eating pop rocks too. So that was like having fireworks in your mouth.

Finally...its dark. We walked down to the duck pond in order to see the town lake fireworks. We had stocked up on glo-sticks at the dollar store and had lots of fun with them while we were waiting for the show to start.

Cool pictures huh! Thats "night" mode on my camera. Back home and everyone in bed at 10:30 pm. Phew. Long day.

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Candy Cook said...

Cool cake! We made one, too. (Just so you have an alternate, if you don't use this one) The 'frosting' on ours is probably my favorite frosting ever.. a block of cream cheese mixed with a small tub of cool whip and powdered vanilla pudding to taste. :D we put a red velvet cake under that.