Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy week!

Monday was Girls Scouts. I was in charge of the meeting this week and so we did the Girl Sports Try-It which involved games with balloons. Hitting balloons with badminton rackets, passing balloons around the circle with only elbows or knees, etc. Sean came to the meeting and was an honorary brownie for the meeting leaving Glen and Max at home to work on "the tin roof".

Tuesday was Maxwell's 1 year appointment. He is small for out family, weighing in at only 23 lbs, putting him in the 50-75% in height and weight. Sean and Maggie were in the 98+ percentile at this age. They remain tall but have thinned out to around the 75% in weight. Max has to go back in a month to check on fluid in his ear, a remnant of last month's cold.

Wednesday was Maggie's bi-annual teeth cleaning. She has 2 cavaties. One will be filled on Tuesday and the other is on a loose tooth so if we can wiggle it out in 6 weeks, she won't need that one filled. If its not out, the dentist will want to pull it! Yikes! So far though, the flouride treatment seems to be working in that none of her permanent teeth have troubles. Sean will have his first visit to the dentist next month.

Thursday, today, I had a meeting with Maggie's teacher, principal, and speech pathologist. She is having trouble with the l, th, and r sounds, but nothing too severe. She scored near 100% on reasoning and understanding or something like that, but a standard deviation below normal on processing, expressing and grammar. Or something like that. There were a lot of big words tossed around and not being up on my English, I really need to read through the report again. Basically, it means her processing of language is slow because she cannot attend to the task at hand. She was diagnosed with mild ADHD a few months ago and this consult confirms the same thing. We do not intend to medicate and so the psychologist has recommended starting neurofeedback to help her practice focusing and a program called PACE which meets three times a week outside of school for more practice focusing. We will be starting these this summer.

Tomorrow, Friday, is Maggie's 8th birthday. I am bringing cupcakes to school and then we will have a little family party in the evening.

Saturday morning is graduation so Glen and I will leave the kids with Nancy for the morning. Good luck Nancy! (She has never had all 3 at once) In the afternoon, Maggie is going to her first sleepover.

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