Saturday, January 16, 2010

Max is sprouting teeth!

Max is 8.5 months old now and is getting his first two teeth. Poor baby has had a couple of rough days and nights but he seems to be cheering up now. One tooth has broken the gums and the other is about even, ready to sprout any day. Both are on the bottom. Max is also sitting very well by himself. I don't feel like I need to place a pillow behind him, but he doesn't know how to sit himself up yet. He tends to fall forward onto his hands and knees, and then onto his tummy. He is still a long way from crawling. So big and heavy, like Sean was, I think it will be another few months before we see some action. However, he can scootch himself across the floor slowly on his tummy. Sean has been very gentle with him lately but still gets urges to grab Max's face, so we have to be careful when they are in close proximatey.

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